2nd CYCLE: METHANE + NANDROLONE (old school and modern school)

Second steroids cycle

Second steroids cycle

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For the second cycle I would take for this: METHANE (pills) + NANDROLONE DECANOATE (injections). I would eat methane in the usual daily regimen. And I would inject “Deca” once a week. For example, every Sunday I would inject 100-200 mg intramuscularly.

Many will say that 100-200 mg is a very small dosage. Perhaps that’s not a lot. But I know for sure that even 50 mg per week can help you to grow. Therefore, you should not use a cannon to kill a fly at the very beginning. What is important to us is not so much the maximum possible progress at a time, but regular progress. And for this you should have a “space for maneuver” (increase in dosage).

In addition, at dosages greater than 200 mg, Deca may cause side effects due to its progestogenic nature. This can be avoided either through chemical manipulations (proviron + testosterone or taking stanozolol), or through “reasonable” (not terrible) dosages. I am a supporter of the second solution. Especially at the very beginning.
Deca greatly stabilizes the androgen receptor (several times more powerful than even testosterone). This means that your muscle cells synthesize protein better and longer (grow). Minus – suppression of the intensity of the passage of nerve signals. At high dosages (more than 200 mg), this can result in poor libido and poor neuromuscular communication (brain-muscle).
Interesting information
Methane + Deca = one of the most classic combinations of drugs in bodybuilding. And at a dosage of less than 200 mg, this combination is also reasonably safe. But you must bear in mind that Deca, in contrast to Methane, IS VERY LONG-LASTING. This drug starts working only after 3 days! The peak concentration of the hormone will be in 7-10 days! Then the concentration gradually decreases over several weeks. In fact, the drug retains its active properties for 3-4 weeks. For 2-3 weeks of which it is active.
Therefore, it is necessary to adjust the administration of the deca so that, after completion of the cycle, there remains a minimum concentration of a drug in the blood, or nothing at all, so that you immediately start a break from the cycle. I explain: if you inject DECA during the last week of the cycle, then after the completion of the cycle, you will be “formally in chemistry” for a whole month and your sex glands will not begin to recover. On the other hand, the concentration of the drug will not be sufficient for muscle growth. Solution – to do the last injection of the Deca a couple of weeks before the end of the cycle. Here’s how I would do:

2nd CYCLE: METHANE + DECA (old school)

  • Week 1: Methane = 10 mg / day + Deca = 200 mg / week.
  • Week 2: Methane = 15 mg / day + Deca = 200 mg / week.
  • Week 3: Methane = 20 mg / day + Deca = 200 mg / week.
  • Week 4: Methane = 25 mg / day + Deca = 200 mg / week.
  • Week 5: Methane = 30 mg / day + Deca = 100 mg / week.
  • Week 6: Methane = 30 mg / day + Deca = 100 mg / week.
  • Week 7: Methane = 30 mg / day.
  • Week 8: Methane = 10 mg / day.

This is also, so to say “old school”. Now athletes more often use more equal dosages of methane and deca. Moreover, in the last weeks they continue to use NANDROLONE in order not to lose the effectiveness of the cycle. And the problem of “rest delaying” is solved by using a shorter nandrolone phenylpropionate, which “lives” not a month, but a week.

Personally, I am a supporter of the old school, although I like the new solutions. Therefore, most likely I would first try the classic (old) cycle with a deca, and after the rest I would repeat it in a more modern interpretation.
You need to understand that Deca can be injected once a week (for example, on Sundays). But Phenylpropionate – this is a shorter drug, so it should be injected more often. I.e., at least twice a week: on Sun and Wed-Thu. The cycle looks like this:

2nd CYCLE: METHANE + DECA + PHENYL (modern school)

  • Week 1: Methane = 30 mg / day + Deca = 200 mg / week.
  • Week 2: Methane = 30 mg / day + Deca = 200 mg / week.
  • Week 3: Methane = 30 mg / day + Deca = 200 mg / week.
  • Week 4: Methane = 30 mg / day + Deca = 200 mg / week.
  • Week 5: Methane = 30 mg / day + Deca = 200 mg / week.
  • Week 6: Methane = 30 mg / day + Phenylpropionate = 200 mg / week.
  • Week 7: Methane = 30 mg / day + Phenylpropionate = 200 mg / week.
  • Week 8: Methane = 30 mg / day + Phenylpropionate = 200 mg / week.

I would repeat the variants of these cycles with nandrolone and methane at least several times (changing the dosages of both drugs) before switching to using more powerful dosage regimens from the THREE PREPARATIONS. In fact, each cycle option can be reused over a year before moving on to the “next level”.

Moreover, before switching to a cycle of THREE drugs, I would definitely try the double bond METHANE + TESTOSTERONE (enanthate or Sustanon 250). Here it is necessary to clarify. There are people who respond better to nandrolone (a more anabolic drug), and there are those who are better high from pure testosterone (a more androgenic drug). You need to try. By the way, for me, testosterone is better for muscle growth and strength.
Someone may say that methane + testosterone is a bad combination because both drugs are strong androgens. This is not true. Methane is not such a strong androgen, as many mistakenly believe. Another thing is that in such a combination, more significant water retention is possible than when using a deca. But this is the “price” that you need to be willing to pay. A large amount of weight gain on testosterone literally wimps out after the cycle. This is normal.

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