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The average natural concentration of somatotropin in the blood of men is 1-5 Ng / Ml. But the growth hormone secretion occurs periodically during the day (there are several peaks every 3-5 hours) at night, during sleep or after exercise, its amount can “jump” to 10-20… sometimes 40 Ng / Ml. As you can see, the DISPERSION of natural production is VERY BIG.

One person can have a hand of 40-45 cm even before training, and the other will not achieve this even after 10 summer trips to the gym. To assess the genetic predisposition for a large production of Growth Hormone, just look at the guy’s hands and feet. One has massive hands. Another doesn’t. Even before the START, the first has all chances of being a winner. So that you understand what I am talking about, compare the size of the pro bodybuilder and ectomorph. No comments… as they say. The genes are to blame.

What regulates the natural secretion of growth hormone?

The hypothalamus is mainly engaged in controlling the level of hormones in our body. Just as with sex hormones, IT tracks the amount of somatotropin and the need for its additional production for the needs of our body. For this, it has TWO main peptide hormones called SOMATOSTATIN (suppresses production) and SOMATOLIBERIN (stimulates HGH production).

It is these hormones that, if necessary, enter the pituitary and force it to INCREASE or REDUCE the production of growth hormone by somatotropes.

Is it possible to influence hypothalamus by forcing it to change the amount of production of natural growth hormone? Yes. It is. Many physiological and pharmacological factors affect the production of SOMATOTROPIN. What are these factors?


    1. SOMATOLIBERIN (its antagonist is SOMATOSTATIN).
    2. Physical training.
    3. Sleep.
    4. A lot of protein, and especially the amino acid arginine.
    5. High androgen secretion.
    6. Hypoglycemia (low blood sugar).
    7. GRELIN (regulates the balance of peaks-declines of HGH).
    8. CJC-1295 (somatocrinin, HGH-Release-Factor) and other peptides: GHRP-2, GHRP-6, GRF (1-29), Ipamorelin, HGH Frag (176-191) – fragment, Baclofen, etc.

Using these methods, you can raise the natural concentration of HGH 3-5 times, and using peptides – 7-15 times.


SOMATOSTATIN, the less of it there is, the more growth hormone is produced. I.e. it suppresses somatotropin.
GROWTH HORMONE RELEASE FACTOR (GHRH) - enhances natural secretion without disturbing the curve of peaks and declines. Preparations based on it: GRF (1-29 - Sermorelin) and CJC-1295.
GHRELIN, impairs the natural secretion of HGH: increases concentration, regardless of the level of natural somatostatin. The preparations based on it are: GHRP-6, GHRP-2, Hexarelin and Ipamorelin.


  1. A lot of HGH or IGF-1 in the body (the more it is in the body, the less the body produces natural ones, as well as with anabolic steroids).
  2. SOMATOSTATIN (the more of it, the smaller the peak of HGH).
  3. Hyperglycemia (a lot of sugar in the blood – less HGH, not enough sugar in the blood – more HGH).
  4. Many fatty acids in the blood (fatty foods).
  5. Estrogen (increases the level of fat in the body, lowers the level of HGH in the body).
  6. Cortisol and other catabolic hormones.

As I said, a particularly high concentration of natural growth hormone is observed at a young age. The older a person becomes, the less natural growth hormone is produced. The fall begins after 20 years and decreases, on average, by 14% every decade. That is why, by the way, growth hormone is very actively used in gerontology to rejuvenate the elderly. Artificial method returns the concentration characteristic of the young. But there is also an inverse relationship: THE ELDER A MAN, THE MORE EFFICIENTLY HGH ACTS ON HIM. I.e. in order to achieve the previous anabolic effects, you need more and more smaller dosages with age.

I said MEN because the force of somatotropin impact in men and women is different. HGH affects women 1.5 times weaker than men. This should be taken into account during hormone therapy. In this article, I will talk about doses for men.


As we have already found out, for the safety of the pancreas in the case of long and large doses of growth hormone (more than 10 IU + more than 3 months), the use of insulin is desirable. This is a very slippery topic, because, in my opinion, INSULIN is the most dangerous drug in strength sports due to the likelihood of hypoglycemic coma and death. But I could not say anything about the combination Insulin + HGH, because the health of a particular person depends on it.

Unfortunately, Insulin is not the only drug that is desirable to use with large doses of Growth Hormone. If you need maximum effectiveness of the cycle, then it is desirable to include:

  4. T3 (thyroid hormones).

T3 – Thyroid Hormones

Most of all I am personally frightened in this bundle of hormones of the thyroid gland. What are they needed for? The situation is similar to insulin. A high concentration of HGH can increase the size of the thyroid gland and lead to the inhibition of its work. Reception of artificial thyroid hormones is needed to LIGHTEN the load on the system.

BUT where to catch the line of necessity? If you get a little hormone, your system may break down. And if you get a lot, firstly, your system will be violated (consider as it will break down) and then you will have to swallow artificial hormones on a permanent basis all your life, and secondly, when you take an excessive dosage, the thyroid hormones act not as anabolics, but as catabolics (will lead to loss of muscle mass).

Thyroid hormones. Source: wikipedia
Thyroid hormones. Source: wikipedia

I want to warn you, friends… Everything that I am telling you now… This is not for fans. This is the level of “professional card” in bodybuilding. This is what those guys you see at Olimpia do and it makes sense for them: contracts and money. An amateur, as it seems to me, will have enough dosage up to 10 IU of growth hormone per day WITHOUT INSULIN and T3 (thyroid hormones).

If I am a professional, how many thyroid hormones do I need? Usually athletes use 25 mkg of triiodothyronine (T3) per day. Half in the morning and half in the evening. If you weigh more than 100 kg and if your dose of HGH is more than 10 IU for many months, then after 2 weeks you can double the dose of T3 (up to 50 mkg per day). Actually, if you approach this process thoroughly, then you should note that you need a doctor and constant analyzes of the hormonal level. In this case, you can reduce all risks to a minimum.

A sports doctor, depending on the level of the natural hormones of the thyroid gland, can tell if an additional intake is needed or not. Moreover, it can adjust the dosage in the face that is as safe and effective as possible.


For those who do not know, ANROGENS are anabolic steroids. The proven fact is that the combination of HGH with the latter increases its effectiveness many times. Of course, there are also cycles “solo” of HGH (only one HGH), but all experienced athletes dismiss this idea as “expensive folly”.

One of the main effects of HGH is HYPERPLASIA (an increase in the number of muscle cells). But in order for this to be possible, their HYPERTROPHY should be first up to a maximum size. Only in the conditions of such NECESSITY, the body will go to such an economically unprofitable thing as HYPERPLASIA.

Muscle hypertrophy after HGH use
Muscle hypertrophy after HGH use

It is impossible to achieve maximum muscle hypertrophy without steroids! This is the opinion of most physiologists and all athletes. That is why the combination of AAS + HGH will give ten times more and faster than the HGH solo.


FOR MAXIMUM EFFICIENCY ON GROWTH OF MUSCLES pro athletes use HGH in combination with another pharmacology that is NEEDED FOR MAXIMUM ANABOLIC EFFECT:

  1. HGH: From 10-30 IU every day for 3-4 months or more
  2. INSULIN: 5-15 IU 3-4 times a day (before large meals)
  3. ANDROGENS: 500 mg per week… and up to 2-4.000 mg!!! per week.
  4. Thyroid H.: 25-50 mkg (divided into two equal doses in the morning and evening)

There are a lot of practical questions about the COMBINATION OF ALL THESE DRUGS. After all, they all affect each other, and therefore you can strengthen or weaken each of them. This information is already very rare and expensive. Very few know about it and prefer not to spread it out loud. I recall Ronnie Coleman, who, looking at the list of drugs that he was shown in Moscow, grinned: “This is the stone age!”. So how do the gurus of the “polypharmacological bodybuilding” COMBINE (what before what and how to inject) all these hormones?

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