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Are steroids addictive?

Are steroids addictive?

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I don’t want to “heap praises” on steroids now, by telling you how “white and fluffy” they are. Because it simply is not true. My task now is to tell the truth. And the truth is that any substance you consume (from water to sulfuric acid or ethyl alcohol) can HARM, as well as HELP your body.

This depend on the DOSAGES of the PEDs you take. It is a very simple thing, which may be very difficult to understand.

Most find it hard to believe in “halftones”. It is easier for them to divide the whole world into GOOD and BAD. Unfortunately, this happens only in fairy tales. Life is much more complicated. If you drink a liter of plain water, then it will only benefit your body. But if you drink 10 liters of water, then you are likely to die.

Did he use PEDs or not, your thougts?
Did he use PEDs or not, your thougts?

Any substances have their “dangerous border” and “safe border”. Moreover, the location of these borders will be different for DIFFERENT PEOPLE (depends on genetics) and according to their HABITS, or adaptation to these PEDs. Maybe I’m wrong, but all my experiences and observations of other athletes say that there are…

SAFE METHODS OF USING STEROIDS! As it seems to me, the main problem lies in TWO planes:

  • 2. STEROIDS ARE USED INCORRECTLY (incorrect preparations and dosages).

In the first case, athletes in 90% of cases do not get results at all. Muscles can be filled up with a little water and energy phosphates, and after the cycle a person merges it all back to the initial level.

And in the second case, the athlete can also incur health problems in addition to the lack of results. Usually, they are insignificant (I’ll explain more about this later), but they can be “caught” very easily when taking the wrong dosage of these PEDs.

A pro athlete
A pro athlete

In this material, I want to share both my experience in using various drugs and the experience of my familiar athletes in order for you to know the RIGHT WAY to use steroids. I do not propagandize steroids or other chemical dope. My task is to tell the truth about how experienced athletes usually administer this matter.

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