HOW TO TRAIN on the cycle

HOW TO TRAIN on the cycle

HOW TO TRAIN on the cycle

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On the cycle, you need to train in a LARGE VOLUME of a load. I.e. you must increase the number of approaches in each exercise, and perhaps the number of exercises themselves. Your task: GRADUAL INCREASE OF LIFTS PER WORKOUT!

LPW (the number of lifts per workout) is a term from weightlifting. It shows the total tonnage of the lifted weight per workout. I like it very much because with its help I can easily explain how the volume of work changes BEFORE the cycle and ON the cycle.

Suppose you did THREE EXERCISES on your back (pull-ups, barbell row, dumbbell row) before the cycle. In each exercise, you had 4 working approaches of 8 repetitions. Multiply the number of exercises (3) by the number of approaches (4) and the number of repetitions (8) to learn the LPW (volume). 3x4x8 = 96.

When you go on a cycle of steroids, your recovery capabilities are seriously increasing and you can and therefore must train more in order to get more results from the cycle. The first thing you have to do is gradually increase the LPW.
I usually add one approach to each exercise in the first two weeks of the cycle. I.e. before the cycle I did 4, and after starting the cycle I do 5 approaches. In our example, this would turn into 120 LPW (3x5x8). I.e. it was 96, and there are already 120 on the cycle!!! The volume of load, as you can see, has increased significantly.

Bodybuilder on the steroid cycle
Bodybuilder on the steroid cycle

In the middle of the cycle, depending on my well-being, I can add one more additional exercise for each group. In our example, I do 3 exercises on my back before the cycle. And a month after I started it, I would add the 4th (for example, pulldowns) and then LPW = 160!!! (4x5x8). Before the cycle, there were 96….. at the beginning of the cycle there were 120…. and now (at the peak) a full 160!

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If to add in here one more additional repetition in each approach, then LPW becomes equal to 180! And this is almost two times more than before the cycle. If you manage to fit this volume of load at the same time of training as before the start of the cycle. This will mean that your intensity has increased in TWO TIMES!!! And if you also have increased weight during the cycle (and it is always increased very seriously), then the intensity may increase THREE TIMES!!! Now you understand what steroids give? They make it possible to train many times more intensively and accelerate muscle growth and strength performance as much (note, I didn’t write strength, although it also exists. I wrote strength performance because it is more important for bodybuilders).

The essence of bodybuilding as physical activity (and not its consequences – muscles) is the WORK CAPACITY, i.e. the ability to perform a large amount of work (to do a lot of LPW with heavyweights and rest between sets). It is this load that grows big muscles. Therefore, it is this load that needs to be increased if you want to see the growth of your muscles.
But this should be done very carefully and very correctly. If you increase the volume of the load NOT CAREFULLY (quickly), then it may become too large for your recovery capabilities even on steroids. Then your growth will stop and you will fall into overtraining. By the way, why those who have learned to grow without steroids ALWAYS show a good result with them. Their regenerative abilities are better trained and they better feel the “line” out of which they should not be.

That is why those high-volume training schemes that are printed in magazines are suitable ONLY for Top Professionals who have been training their strength performance for dozens of years. If an amateur starts repeating such a scheme, then he will fail. Even if he is on steroids. Increase LPW smoothly! To get started, just add one working approach in each exercise. And that’s it!

If you increase the load in a WRONG WAY (i.e., without taking into account the time of the training itself), then your progress will be weak, because the intensity will not increase. The fact is that the load (intensity) depends not only on the LPW but also on the training TIME! If you increased LPW exactly TWO TIMES, but at the same time the duration of your workout also increased in TWO TIMES, this means that the intensity has not changed. This is masturbation because there seems to be a movement, but there is no progress!

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Post workout protein shake

Post-workout protein shake

It is very important to consider the time (the duration of the workout). Always try to slightly reduce the time between approaches (ideal = 30-60 seconds), and not increase it. You are not a powerlifter! You are training not power capacity (strength), but power performance (big muscles)! Therefore, no conversations and gatherings at the gym. Only silent work!

Basic recommendations for training on the cycle:

  • More LPW (increase the volume of work).
  • Less rest (slightly reduce rest between sets).

I will not describe in detail the practical scheme, because it is all individual. If you don’t know where to start, then just take my “Base To Failure” scheme and add one working approach to each exercise. So you get the initial training scheme for steroids.

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