I am against steroids

i'm against steroids

i'm against steroids

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Yes, and this isn’t froth. I truly believe that the absolute majority of steroid users should have never even started to use it. Because most users DO NOT NEED PROFESSIONAL RESULTS in sports! They do not earn money on it, they are engaged “for themselves”, or in order to “pick up girls.” Well, damn …. Let’s not fool each other now. We do it because we like to “rock our status”! We like to stand out from the crowd.

We like to be cool! That’s why we get so much pleasure when our biceps grew another couple of centimeters. This has a deep psychological explanation, BUT IN FACT THIS IS NOT ENOUGH!!! There are a million other simpler ways to raise your status. And the most effective is to make a lot of money. To do this, you don’t need to constantly limit yourself and poison your body with large doses of chemicals. You can find healthier and faster ways to express your status.

Unfortunately, it is very difficult for most beginners to understand such a worldview.

Why? Due to the lack of information. Most beginners who start training in the gym BELIEVE THAT IT IS EASY TO BUILD THE MUSCLES! With an easy mind, they begin to go to the gym for workouts. Often they even see some progress at the beginning. And then everything stops quickly. And they understand that not everything is so easy and simple.

Then the newcomer begins to SEARCH FOR AN EXPLANATION of the lack of progress. He’s lucky if he finds out the real cause. But more often, he simply says ALL THAT IS IN STEROIDS. Give them to me, and I’LL BUILD MUSCLES EASY! This is what I call the “magic wand complex” or the “magic pill complex”. It is always easier for a person to believe in some miracle than in the need to “tear the veins” during trainings and to strain the brain while studying the technique.

Then, such a lazy beginner (who already “understood everything” in bodybuilding) has only THREE WAYS:

  1. STOP TRAINING AT ALL (because he is not going to use steroids).
  2. CONTINUE TO “TRASH ON THE PLACE” (he does not change anything in the training, because he has already “found” the reason for his stagnation).
  3. START USING STEROIDS (because he really wants muscles, and believes that this is the only way).

The sharpness of the situation is that all three paths lead nowhere! And even the one who started using steroids will almost certainly get nothing.

Silhouette of a strong bodybuilder
Silhouette of a strong bodybuilder

Why? Because anabolic steroids can only increase muscle growth if it is already there! In other words, when you ALREADY learned to build your muscles naturally (on the resources of your body), only then will steroids help you, by strengthening this process. That is why THOSE men who have ALREADY built up some muscles ALWAYS achieve success from the use of steroids. And novices do not achieve success from the use of steroids.

I have already told an excellent analogy on this subject in my article, where I taught you patience and restrictions for the sake of achieving a more significant result in the future (the analogy “the hunter freezes in ambush for the sake of production”).

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