Injectable Steroids – Esterification

Injectable Steroids - Esterification

Injectable Steroids - Esterification

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Esterification is the process of extending the life of steroids. Only in this case it is not about oral, but about injection steroids. To do this, men in white coats bind fatty acid in the 17th position to slow down the steroid metabolism. Since the latter is lipid soluble, release from the injection site and entry into the blood take place sooooo slowly (over days and weeks) and thus creates a constant level of activity of the desired steroid.

You can “bind” fatty acids of different times of release. This may be propionate, enanthate, laurate, decanoate, etc. It is important to understand that the active substance and its effectiveness does not change from this binding. Only the time and rate of release of the hormone changes. Testosterone Propionate = Testosterone Enanthate. Only the first will begin to work and die much earlier and faster than the second. Only the timing changes.

Male testosterone
Male testosterone

When we talk about the time of effectiveness of injectable steroids, we need to understand that there are two important periods here. The first is when the steroid is released from the depot (injection site). It usually takes a few days. Therefore, for example, the injection of Nandrolone Decanoate begins to work no sooner than three days, or even much later. The second period is the duration of the immediate half-life of the steroid, after it got into the blood.

Here algebra is very simple. Half is spent, then one fourth is spent for the same period of time, then eighth part, etc. (each period – minus half the substance from the previous one). That is why the level of the hormone in the blood when using injectable steroids usually increases after each next injection. Just the remnants of the half-lives of previous injections are plus each time with a new injection. And if we speak, for example, about Deca, then the maximum rise in concentration is observed only by the 3rd week of continuous use.

Good, you understand that injection steroids, due to esterification, have a much longer half-life than oral ones. For example, let’s consider such a pronounced anabolic as NANDROLONE.

Free Nandrolone will lose half of its vitality in half an hour – an hour. But the Decanoate will need 6 days for this, Phenylpropionate a day, Nandrolone Laurate already 10 days! Look at this:

  • Nandrolone – 30-40 minutes.
  • Nandrolone Phenylpropionate – 1 day.
  • Nandrolone Decanoate – 6 days.
  • Nandrolone Laurate – 10 days.

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