Hello, bodybuilders, weightlifters and just people who want to improve their physical state. This blog was created so that you can understand the use of steroids, their combinations, as well as learn about proper training and healthy eating.

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Are you ready to learn the truth about steroids?
Are you ready to learn the truth about steroids?

I want to immediately warn you that my view on the use of steroids is very different from the generally accepted point of view. Therefore, perhaps, as you read the materials, some of my statements will cause a storm of protest in you. Remind yourself at this moment that all I’m talking about is the result of practice. And the practice is very effective. Practice is the criterion of truth, and therefore no words can convince me that I am wrong. That’s when you come up with a technique that will work more effectively than mine, then I will take your methods into service. In the meantime, my approach is this: if a theory contradicts my practice, well, sorry, but not such a theory.

I worked as a trainer in the gym for fitness and powerlifting, so closely acquainted with the problems that lead people of completely different types and lifestyles to the gyms.

During this time, I realized that there are some issues that concern many people.

  1. How to train correctly.
  2. How to become strong.
  3. How to use anabolic steroids.
  4. How to do a PCT.
  5. How to eat ON, BEFORE and DURING the cycle.

Answers to these questions and many others you will find in my blog