Most popular steroid cycles

Most popular steroid cycles

Most popular steroid cycles

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Most often, during the cycle of anabolic steroids, athletes use a combination of several drugs at once, or a gradual change of several drugs during the cycle. Or both of them at once. For what? Experience shows that the effect in terms of muscle gain and strength is much better when combining several drugs, or when changing drugs. The principle of 1 + 1 = 3 often works.

And here we have ways of combining for beginners (let’s call them arithmetic) and advanced methods for professionals (this is already higher mathematics and geometry). The first basic cycles for beginners contain, as a rule, only Anabolic Steroids (one type of hormones – modified sex hormones). But the “higher mathematics” of professionals necessarily includes the “Three Whales” (the three main anabolic hormones): Steroids (sex hormones)Insulin, and Growth Hormone. As well as a number of drugs that help fight negative effects on the body.

What anabolic steroids are most commonly used by native bodybuilders?

Despite the fairly extensive list of drugs that can be obtained, the following CLASSIC is most often used (in descending order):

  • METHANE(methandrostenolone tablets is the “oldest” and most famous drug).
  • TESTOSTERONE(injections: Enanthate, Sustanon 250, propionate…. “heavy artillery”).
  • NANDROLONE DECANOATE(“deca”, injections. A highly anabolic drug).
  • WINSTROL and STANOZOLOL(injections and tablets. A highly anabolic drug).
  • BOLDENONE(injections, similar to “deca”, you need to prick a lot of it).
  • TRENBOLONE(injections, “professional” drug).

Basically, that’s all… what an athlete needs for entier happiness. Of course, there are still Anavar, oxymethanol, Primobolan, turinabol, and other bourgeois propaganda, but for decades, people have grown significant muscle mass and strength on THREE PREPARATIONS:


This is the “base” of the use of pharmacology.

If you can not gain 10 kg of muscles on the cycle of testosterone with methane, then you will not gain them on anything else.
There are possible adjustments, of course. For example, you can replace nandrolone with boldenone or trenbolone. But, in my opinion, only very experienced athletes should do this.

In general, the most popular combinations of AAS for mass gain are:

  • Testosterone + Methane.
  • Deca + Methane.
  • Testosterone + Deca + Methane or Stanozolol.
  • Testosterone + Boldenone + Methane.
  • Testosterone + Trenbolone + Methane.
  • Nandrolone or Trenbolone + Stanozolol.
  • Oxymetholone + Winstrol.
An example: Oxymetholone + Winstrol
An example: Oxymetholone + Winstrol

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