PCT: Post Cycle Therapy (Proviron, HCG, Tamoxifen, Tribulus)

PCT: Post Cycle Therapy

PCT: Post Cycle Therapy

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One of the main negative features of the use of the AAS is the suppression of its own natural production of sex hormones.

This is due to the suppression or activation of the “arc” Hypothalamus-Pituitary-Testicles, depending on the amount of hormones in the body. Regulation is carried out according to the principle “plus – minus interaction” i.e. if there is a lot of a hormone (natural or artificial), then the Hypothalamus reduces the number of orders for Testosterone production by the Testicles, and if the hormone is low, then the opposite is true (increases the intensity of orders for testosterone production). Thus, due to the use of steroids, there is a decrease in natural testosterone production.

You can and must fight this both during the cycle and after its completion (in order to restore your endocrine system more quickly). There are drugs for these purposes too. There are quite a lot of them, here are the most basic ones.


PROVIRON (mesterolone) is actually an androgen in oral form. However, despite this, it does not suppress the natural production of testosterone at all, on the other hand, it does not create an anabolic effect. Why do you need to eat it? Everything is very simple. There are two reasons. First: proviron is blocking the process of steroid aromatization (turning into female sex hormones). The second: proviron significantly raises libido.

Proviron for PCT
Proviron for PCT


HCG is the human chorionic gonadotropin (FSH and LSH hormones), which cause your testicles to produce their own testosterone if it ceases to be produced during the cycle. However, the whole arc is not fully restored (only the link: HCG-Testicles), so the drug should be used during the cycle and at the end of the cycle, BUT not after the cycle!

Chorionic Gonadotropin (HCG)
Chorionic Gonadotropin (HCG)


TAMOXIFEN (Nolvadex) is an anti-estrogen that helps to cope with an increased amount of estrogens during the cycle. The effect of tamoxifen is artificial, because he does nothing with the estrogens themselves. It simply takes receptors and does not allow estrogens to bind to them. But it’s not the most important advantage. The most important thing is that if you take tamoxifen after the cycle (when there are no artificial hormones in the blood, and the natural level of testosterone is low), then it very effectively restores your natural testosterone. In my opinion, the drug is very undervalued by the sports community. Tamoxifen is number one on PCT.

Nolvadex as a PCT drug
Nolvadex as a PCT drug


TRIBULUS is thought to cause the hypothalamus to produce the necessary hormones faster to stimulate the pituitary gland to produce its own gonadotropins and testosterone. Thereby, the arc Hypothalamus-Pituitary-Testicles is restored. Although, in my opinion, the effectiveness of tribulis is greatly exaggerated. Personally, I feel a very weak efficacy of this drug.

Testosterone booster - Bulgarian Tribulus
Testosterone booster – Bulgarian Tribulus

We will talk about TAMOXIFEN, PROVIRON and HCG in more detail in the section devoted to specific regimens of steroids (Useful “trinity”).

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