Progestogen steroids and their combinations

Progestogen steroids and their combinations

Progestogen steroids and their combinations

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And the last thing I want to tell you in this practical section is about combinations of drugs from the point of view of PROGESTERONE. In general, progesterone can be both a very useful hormone (stimulates appetite, retains water and soothes the central nervous system), and very harmful (gynecomastia, female-type fat, poor erection, etc.). BUT so that progesterone starts its negative activity, estrogens are needed (i.e. aromatization of testosterone or methane to estrogens).

We have several steroid drugs similar to progesterone rather than testosterone in the chemical structure of a molecule. That is why they are often called progestants. And all that I wrote above is relevant for them.

Major Progestants:

  • Nandrolone.
  • Trenbolone.
  • Oxymetholone.


The first solution. When we use the above drugs, we need to combine them with non-aromatized steroids (those that do not turn into estrogens):

  • Primobolan.
  • Winstrol.
  • Turinabol.

Such combinations will be safe in terms of Gino. This is especially good for those who have a penchant for this aesthetically unpleasant side effect.

The second option. Even if you use testosterone and its analogs, then block aromatization by means of anti-aromatized preps:

  • Proviron.
  • Arimidex.

It is important to use these drugs as prevention at once throughout the cycle. And not when push comes to shove.

The third way to eat cake and have it – to use stanozolol. I recollect having mentioned that this steroid is an anti-progestant. An effective dosage will be 25-50 mg. Per day.

Well, so here is a list of my thoughts on how to combine AAS:

  • Cycle time = rest time (no “eternal cycles”).
  • Most of mg (dosage) are best taken with injectables rather than oral medications. So as not to burden your liver.
  • Any Testosterone ester can be combined with another Testosterone ester.
  • A pronounced anabolic can be combined with androgen for better effect.
  • Oral drug cannot be combined with other oral one. Only with injection one.
  • Nandrolone is always desirable to combine with testosterone or stanozolol. This will help against such an unpleasant phenomenon as Deca-Dick. But if there is testosterone, then additional Proviron is needed.
  • Stanozolol has anti-progestogen activity and therefore is good with nandrolone.
  • Winstrol dehydrates the articular bags and therefore it is desirable to “lubricate” them with test or deca.
  • It is desirable to combine the aromatizing preparations (testosterone) intake with Proviron (anti-aromatizing effect).
  • HCG helps well with atrophy of the testicles and is relevant in the middle of the cycle BUT not after the cycle!
  • After the cycle, use Tamoxifen and Tribulus for several weeks to restore the function of the endocrine glands.

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