Types of Anabolic Steroids

injectable vs anabolic steroids

injectable vs anabolic steroids

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It is necessary to divide all Anabolic Steroids into groups on several main grounds. First of all, they are:

  • Oral.
  • And Injectable.

The first are taken orally, and the second are injected. Immediately I specify where. They are injected intramuscularly in the buttocks, delts, or in the thighs. Because in these places there are large muscles with a small number of vessels.

Oral and injectable steroids
Oral and injectable steroids

Steroids are often divided into two groups:

  • Anabolics.
  • And Androgens.

Such a division is rather arbitrary, because any steroid has both characteristics in itself (in the USA, they are called AAS, not AS), wise biochemists just reduced the androgenic component in some of them and made the drug a brighter anabolic. Androgens have more side effects than anabolics, BUT their effect is also greater.

And the most important thing is that pure anabolic solos (without androgens) work much worse. Well, I would also divide all AAS into those that can aromatize (turn into female sex hormones), and those that do not aromatize (tren, stanozolol).

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