What is good… And what is bad…

Bodybuilder and pumped biceps

Bodybuilder and pumped biceps

We live in a very funny world. What is considered good today, was considered bad yesterday. For example “homosexuality” or “pornographic scenes in a movie.” Conversely, what was considered to be good recently, is now considered to be very bad. For example “faith in past” or the “use of anabolic steroids”.

Is it possible that something objectively changes in all these things? Well, in fact: did sick men really start to ream each other ass out somehow different? Or did the cinematic whore suddenly become a desirable mother and respected wife? I doubt it…

It seems to me that all of these “positive” or “negative” changes are on the SUBJECTIVE level. In other words, they have simply brainwashed a person or the whole society saying: This is black, but this is white. Believe it! That’s how fools believe what is imposed on them.  The funniest is that OBJECTIVELY, nothing has changed.

Why did I start with this philosophical screensaver? Because it is very important for understanding my attitude to anabolic steroids. The world is arranged in such a way that telling the truth is NOT FAVORABLE in your own personal interests. It is beneficial to say what is right in society at the moment! And this “right” changes all the time for the benefit of the people who run this society.

When using the monstrous dosages of dianabol (methane) in his youth, did Arnold know that in a couple of decades this fact would be very harmful in his career? Sure that he didn’t and could not even suggest.

In the 60s of the last century, the young man just needed to come to the clinic and the doctor and prescribed anabolic steroids (the same Dianabol) for “helping” the body in training. Anabolic steroids were perceived then as GOOD, because they HELPED a person to become bigger, stronger and faster and helped to restore the body as a whole! Then no one could imagine that it would be a such a sad time when all of the achievements of the athlete would be attributed not to him, but to these PEDs. In addition, these PEDs would be declared as  “ the devil’s descent”, and the athlete himself as “sick”!

We are constantly fighting for higher status in society, because our primate brains are like that. We have to constantly prove to the others “that we are better, smarter, cooler, richer ” ….. Look at the conversation between the 600 Mercedes driver and clunker driver. The first one behaves arrogantly and confidently because he has proved his higher status with the help of a “status marker” (expensive car). And the second one behaves most of all with less confidence and is very confused, because he sees that his status is lower. The only way for him to rectify the situation is to raise his status or…. to lower the status of the expensive car driver. For example, to say that “he won this car accidentally in the lottery”, or “this is his grandfather’s present, this is his boss’s car, and he is the driver, this 600th benz is out of fashion now … it sucks,” etc. Tell me honestly, does this remind you of anything?

Muscular man
A muscular man

That’s what people say when they see a muscular man: A muscular body represents the same status marker as the 600th benz. Yesterday, when returning home in my cheap car, I ran into an obstacle on the road – someone else’s car. Its’ owner was standing nearby and “flaunting” in front of the female. I “blinked” my headlights so he cleared the roadway. In response, he gave a dismissive wave of the hand like to suggest “go around” me. And then I got out of the car … It did not take anything at all to explain.

The man very quickly got into his more expensive car and drove off. He did not say a word, because he saw in front of him a “muscled male” ready to move on to more “active requests.” I’m sure if I were in the 600th benz, I wouldn’t even have to get out of the car (he would immediately rate my high status). But as it was, I had to demonstrate my status with the help of muscles; therefore, reiterating the fact that a muscular body is a status marker.

That is why people with a lower status like to “wash the mud” on those who are stronger. They try to belittle the status of the stronger and eliminate the “lagging” of their own status. As a result, they say something like, “she sucked it, rather than earned it”, or “he was lucky”, or, “it doesn’t actually belong to him”, or, “it’s all because of steroids, not himself”, or finally, “he’s already impotent though”.

But there are many people (politicians, managers, public figures) who use someone else’s weakness for their own benefit. For example, we have ONE STRONG and TEN-WEAK in the group. At this moment another ONE appears (we call him POL) ​​who wants to lead the group for his own personal gain. This POL needs the support of the majority. What is he doing? He finds a “common enemy” and unites all the weak and gets their support in order to “pour mud on the strong” (accepts restrictions for him and complicates his life in every possible way). So POL gets power and the highest status among the whole group. Of course, it is damn profitable.

By doing this, what does the group get? The group gets mediocrity. So there is a constant sorting out of strong, in order for a “gray mass”or weak mediocrity, to remain.

This is what happens when the “public opinion” is used to get more votes during elections, or in order for a policy to be evaluated more positively. And besides, it is a convenient reason to create visibility of useful work by diverting society from real problems to completely unimportant matters. It’s better to tell each other horror stories about steroids than about slavery in favor of the FIS, criminal taxation, dependence of the presidents of the country on corporations and extinction of the titular nation under the pressure of emigrants.

Public opinion is a very convenient lever for obtaining support in situations where it does not harm the personal interests of the politician. So it turns out that you can go to any deli and you see an overchoice of “legal drugs” in the form of poisonous rectified spirit, and at the same time, IT IS PROHIBITED BY LAW to help the regenerative capabilities of YOUR body with anabolic steroids.

A muscular man flexing his biceps
A muscular man flexing his biceps

Drink away what is destroying your body because it is beneficial to those people who define policy. But don’t drink that what builds your body because most people don’t like it!

The true reason for the unpopularity of steroids and the fight against them in today’s world up to the level of state legislation is that it builds your body and creates a personal status marker. But all this tells us is not about what steroids have become, but about HOW THEY SHOULD BE TAKEN from a social point of view! This is a SUBJECTIVE view not affecting OBJECTIVE REALITY. This writing is exactly about how it is in fact, and not about how you “should” consider it.

The next one: How it really is

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