What is Insulin? Dosage and administration

Regular human insulin

Regular human insulin

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Insulin is just one of these drugs, which definitely should not be used by a novice athlete. And the reason for this is the harm it can do to you if you use it incorrectly.

Each drug, as I said, has its own advantages, as well as its “side” disadvantages. With insulin the possible price of such a “side disadvantage” is maximum. This is YOUR LIFE! And this is not an empty bullying. I had one very close friend (the champion of the country on the bench press, by the way), who died from insulin. Too much dosage so critically lowered blood sugar that the body could not cope and one good person in the sun less….

So, the main advantage of insulin is that it is a transport hormone. Insulin transports nutrients to the cells. First of all, and this is very important, we are talking about GLUCOSE (carbohydrates), but also amino acids (proteins) along with triglycerides (fats) depend on the activity of this hormone. To understand the essence of insulin work, imagine all those THREE nutrients in your body.


  • 1. CARBOHYDRATES = increase in energy.
  • 2. PROTEINS = muscle growth.
  • 3. FATS = fat growth.

Thus, insulin can both help in terms of muscle growth, and “help” in terms of fat growth! What does it depend on? On two things:

  • 1. The DIET (the more protein and the less carbohydrates, the more benefits).
  • 2. Your GENETICS (the fatter a person is, the more insulin will harm him).

Insulin transports EVERYTHING. But it can work in “different ways” (accents). Maybe more along the way of anabolism (growth) of muscles. And maybe on the path of fat ass growth. And if you get one, then completely eliminating the other is IMPOSSIBLE!

If you are ECTOMORPH by nature (there is no fat on the body, thin bones), then insulin will most likely help you than harm, because you have lowered insulin resistance. On the other hand, if you are ENDOMORPH (large bones, fat, belly), then you have increased insulin resistance and it is not reasonable to use it, in principle.

The solution for people with increased insulin resistance may be taking METFORMIN (it increases insulin sensitivity). Usually it is used about 1-2 grams per day (1000 mg – 2000 mg).

Metformin 500mg tablet
Metformin 500mg tablet

When is insulin injected?

  • 1. MORNING (20 minutes before breakfast).
  • 2. AT THE END OF TRAINING (or immediately after it).
  • 3. TOGETHER WITH FOOD (before, or immediately after).

At the end of the workout, insulin enhances the carbohydrate window repair. And the proteins that you have in the diet will not go “in the oven” to depleted energy, but to the “repair” of muscles.


How much is usually injected?

There are different dosages. Most often, it is about 6-8 iu. Begin to try insulin with very small dosages in the amount of 2 IU. Then a day later, raise to another pair of iu. And so on, until you feel HYPOGLYCEMIA (low blood sugar). This phenomenon is accompanied by:

  • 1. Shaking hands.
  • 2. Dizziness.
  • 3. Sweating.
  • 4. Desire to eat.

Prick insulin with a SPECIAL SYRINGE, which is called “insulin”. It is much thinner than usual and contains a smaller scale of divisions. Usually in a full syringe there is 1 ml (one cube), divided into 40 divisions (ie 40 IU). Do not confuse with a normal syringe, because this way you will kill yourself (get too much of the drug).

Insulin Syringe
Insulin Syringe

What insulin is better?

There are different types of insulin at the speed of onset of action. From ULTRA FAST to LONG. It is more difficult to administer long insulin because its action lasts longer. Therefore, bodybuilders traditionally use FAST insulin. You can quickly feel its action and stop it with food intake.

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